The Redemption of Thor

The Redemption of Thor

A fourth movie, another chance to get it right, one last rodeo for our beloved thunder-slamming Norse god Thor Odinson. We got treated to a teaser trailer of the upcoming movie Thor: Love & Thunder which will be directed by Taika Watiti.

In case that name is foreign to you Taika has been involved in previous MCU projects like Thor; Ragnarok and played the role of Korg. Taika would be directing his second MCU movie with Thor; Love&Thunder.

Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Forster but this time will also play the role of The Mighty Thor. Christian Bale will officially join the MCU by playing the villain Gorr, who is also known as the god butcher. Other casts include the Guardians of the Galaxy cast. Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Taika as Korg as previously mentioned.

But why is this movie important for Thor as a character. If you are  an avid reader of the comics you will notice the difference between MCU Thor and Comics Thor. Thor in MCU has been reduced to a joke and it's not that his character makes jokes. In fact, Thor in the comic is quite jovial and playful. but his MCU counterpart has become the joke.

Thor is the comedic relief Marvel uses to lighten the tension, he doesn't make the jokes, he is the joke. Although Ragnarok was a fun and nice movie, it spends way too much time cracking jokes. It was supposed to be a Thor movie but what we got was a comedy filled with one-liners and making fun of the main protagonist. 

Thor has had a rocky history in the MCU. The first and second movie failed to meet the MCU standard of a successful movie and was basically a comedy about the life of Thor.

So this is it, the last chance for Thor. The internet went ablaze with the page-from-page scene of Thor staring at "Falligar the Behemoth" which was taken from a page of the legendary Jason Aaron's run on Thor which lasted for 7 years. It also tells us what this movie will be about as all these were aspects of Jason Aaron's run on Thor.

Gorr the god butcher, The Mighty Thor, Unworthy Thor e.t.c all of this is Jason's idea and work. So basically what I personally expect is a dark and gritty tale about loss and heartache. This movie will see Thor face his greatest test yet and come out a better and more worthy god of thunder.

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