The God of High School: Feast of Fists

The God of High School: Feast of Fists

Anime and manga have constantly allowed viewers immerse themselves in a world of different possibilities. Being one notable thing used to spice up anime and manga, martial arts can easily add a different dynamic and form of intrigue. With fan favourite The God of High School, we see a high-energy but also light-hearted adventure that shows the story of an interesting trio going through a dangerous international tournament.

With the tournament winner supposed to get one wish granted by the event's organizers, participants are allowed to go all out in fights. Following the story of lead character Jin Mori and his friends, we're brought into a world where different styles of martial arts clash.

The main character Jin Mori is shown to represent taekwondo, more specifically, "Renewal taekwondo" form. Taekwondo is well known for the use of fast and accurate high kicks, also accompanied with quick, effective hand movements. This being one of the most widely known and also most-practiced form martial art in the world, Jin Mori's style is categorized, but also yet different. The God of High School also allows us dive into fictional styles such as Yoo Mira's Moon Light Sword style. Furthermore, Han Daewi is shown to practice "Full Contact Karate" as his fighting style, which is just like karate influenced by boxing. Han Daewi's style can be easily associated with modern events like UFC and other MMA competitions.

With a variety of characters already shown and yet to be shown, The God of High School has and is yet to show the wide range of fighting styles it has to offer. Notwithstanding the "glue" effect of the story, the fighting quality it most probably going to make even non-shounen fans hooked on the anime.

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