The Futuristic Ride of Akudama Drive

The Futuristic Ride of Akudama Drive

On the futuristic horizon of the metropolis Kansai, the neon landscape, advanced billboards and other futuristic technologies make the dark city of Kansai stand in good light. Within the appearance of the technological utopia, lurking among the people are deadly and unforgiving criminal fugitives known as "Akudama."

The lawless approach of Akudama to their activities within the city, earn them reputations and relative sentence judgements to individual reputations. The Kansai police which is tasked to regulate these criminals do get a lot on their plate when some of the most dangerous Akudama are made to link up in the process of trying to save the infamous Akudama "Cutthroat" from his execution. The execution was announced after Cutthroat was captured and found guilty of killing 999 people! The elite individual Akudama are led to the same location, with each of these Akudama trying to get the prize money from the job of saving Cutthroat.

Akudama Drive comes with a number of perks, one of which is the highly stylized use of cyberpunk visuals. This is accompanied by "crazy" and intriguing characters, who are given access to the heart of the audience. The use of simplistic characterizations gives the audience less questions on characters, that way, the fast pace of the series doesn't feel rushed. Also, the fast paced storytelling complements character personalities, as the characters are basically straightforward.

Notwithstanding the nature of the characters and visual strength Akudama Drive brings, the use of plot twists really make the show intriguing. The story includes carefully added clues that later seem to connect the dots, but also take viewers off "the throne of confident predictions". The turn out and results gotten by character actions are quite unpredictable, thereby keeping viewers in check.

With 2020 boasting a lot of good anime, Akudama Drive is surely one of the coolest anime to drop in 2020! Akudama Drive gives viewers something a little bit different from they're used to. Who knows what next does Pierrot has in store for viewers?

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