Radiant: The Anime from a French Comic

Radiant: The Anime from a French Comic

Radiant follows the story of Seth who dreams of being a very great sorcerer. He dreams of being powerful enough to rid his world of Nemesis, creatures that fall from the sky like hail.

In a world where sorcerers are seen as cursed and discriminated against because of various "blemishes" they posess, Seth grows possessing a more sinister seeming curse, HORNS. Being a high spirited and eager youth, Seth constantly gets into trouble with the villagers of Pompo Hills and his guardian Alma. When a Nemesis attacks Pompo Hills, Seth opposes one because of the absence of Alma (who had travelled to fight against a Nemesis at another village) but soon discovers that Nemeses are far stronger than he thought. Knowing full well that Nemeses could only be taken down by sorcerers, the young Seth chooses to play sorcerer.

With it now necessary for Seth to leave his comfort zone, he heads out in search of the mythical Radiant. The Radiant believed to be the lair of the Nemeses that cause the "curses" on sorcerers, Seth looks towards living in a world where no one would be discriminated against. 

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