Ms Marvel or Ms Lantern

Ms Marvel or Ms Lantern

Ms Marvel

Let me paint you a picture, Marvel has just announced Spiderman would join MCU. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the announcement and trailer of this new Spiderman, Lights, Action and disappointment. It’s Spiderman but it’s not Spiderman, he has the looks, the dorkiness, the costume, he even has Mj by his side. But something is different, he answers to Tony Stark, he works for Tony, there is no radioactive spider bite and his suit is just a mech suit created by Tony to give his intern Peter Parker. 

If you have a problem with this picture I just painted for you, then you’ll understand why it’s important for MCU to stop changing core aspects of comic book characters, this won’t be the first time Marvel will pull a stunt like this but the backlash from the release of Ms Marvel has really been overwhelming as a lot of fans got furious with the power change Kamala received.

Why the outcry? What would be the big difference if Kamala can’t stretch after all the cosmic powers look cool and it would make Kamala a member of The Marvels, the sequel to Captain featuring all members of The Marvels team, Here is why the drastic power change is awful. In 2014 when Kamala was revealed to the world what endeared her to so many was her heritage, her being the first Muslim superhero from Marvel.

Kamala, being Muslim had identity issues, she wanted to be someone she wasn’t which is why in her first-ever outing as a superhero Kamala shape shifted to Ms Marvel, which was what connected her to Captain Marvel in the first place. Subconsciously Kamala became a white woman with blond hair because she thought that is what everyone expected from a hero, Kamala didn’t believe as a Muslim, with her skin colour that she would ever be welcomed as a superhero, It took a heart to heart conversation with her father where he revealed the meaning of Kamala is perfect that she could be Kamala Khan, a Muslim girl from Jersey.


Fans have given theories as to why MCU took this path. A few mentioned the arrival of Reed Richards to the MCU would create a sort of dissent in the MCU if they both have the same powers. But they failed to realize that although Ms Marvel has no stretchy abilities she does, however, possess some abilities similar to Susan Richards and the cosmic powered hero Quasar.

Another common reason is the idea of change. While change is constant, not all change is necessary or needed. This is an adaptation of a comic book, Ms Marvel has won over the hearts of many since her debut, even featuring in Marvel games and series, she didn’t undergo any sort of power change whenever she got adapted for a different medium. So why change her now?

Another reason is Ms Marvel's connections to the Inhumans. In case you didn’t know before Ms Marvel is an Inhuman. We all remember the disaster that was the Inhuman Tv show that didn’t even finish its first season before the plug was pulled. Maybe MCU is trying its best to alienate themselves from that race, maybe making Kamala an Inhuman would make viewers speculate and question when The Inhumans would make an appearance in the MCU

But whatever the reason, it’s not justifiable and I only hope as the show progresses and as Ms Marvel develops in the MCU we see her stretch those legs like we’ve been seeing her do for the past 8 years.

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