Into DC'S Infinite Frontier

Into DC'S Infinite Frontier

  • Into DC's new Frontier

  • After the blockbuster that was Death Metal, we’ve entered a brand new chapter into the DC universe, one that seems totally different from the other chapters we’ve embarked on. Let’s do a little recap into the event that is Death Metal.

  • After losing to Perpetua in the Justice League run, our heroes are in a Multiverse they don’t understand, one that is ruled by evil and has no place for good. Perpetua goes through the Multiverse looking for Earth’s that will take the side of Doom and destroy the ones who take the side of Justice. Wonder Woman who is like the gate keeper of “hell” leads a revolt and finds a way to bring all heroes and villains to join her cause. After a gruesome battle between Wonder Woman and The Darkest Knight, she finally destroys him. While she expected The Multiverse to be destroyed by Perpetua's siblings, she was shocked to learn the Multiverse would be spared and Diana was given a new role to play. 

  • After the brief Future State imprint, DC is going full throttle with the new set of line ups they have in store, with titles like Batman, Superman, Swamp Thing and The Justice League taking forefront in the events of this new era.

  • So what is Infinite Frontier? And how does this reshape the DCU,

  • It won’t be wrong to call Infinite Frontier a reboot, but it’s looking like the reboot to end all reboots. How so?

  • Over the past few years the DC Universe has been fragile, ever since Flash decided to save his mother and create an alternate timeline known as The Flashpoint, DC has not really been the same. Some characters were written off the continuity, others lost memories and some just lost it. Infinite Frontier seems to be that Superglue that will finally glue the DCU together and make it whole again. 

  • With the anthology one shot that was released on Tuesday we saw a glimpse of what’s in store for our heroes and the DCU.

  • As mentioned earlier, Wonder Woman was given a new role to play in the DCU and in the opening pages of Infinite Frontier we get to see a clearer picture of what that role is, Diana was offered a place among “The Quintessence” which is a very huge upgrade. Diana is seeing a Multiverse without a source wall, as the Source Wall was finally destroyed in the Justice League Annual #1. So the DCU is now a part of a bigger Omniverse, one that we haven’t seen before which makes this more exciting as we think of the possibilities this new chapter holds. To make Diana understand what exactly is going on, Spectre takes her on a tour to see how her friends and family are coping with the new changes in their lives.

  • In her new godly form she goes round the Earth with The Spectre to watch what her friends are up to. Black Adam has changed a new leave, Bruce is dealing with an attack from the Joker, for some reason Jon Kent should never take the mantle of Superman and Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen rekindle their romance AGAIN!!! Honestly those two might have taken the worst hit during the period of reboots.

  • The anthology ends in an anticlimactic way as Diana refuses the offer presented to her by the Quintessence and decides not to be a “Watcher” but to actually make an impact and act in this new era

  • We will be seeing more of this new Wonder Woman in her ongoing series written by Becky Cloonan. But Diana rejecting a place at the Quintessence was just a tip of the iceberg as we read in the Epilogue “Darksied Is”. The Epilogue ended with a new version of Darksied, one we have never seen before killing The members of The Quintessence, whether it’s a permanent or temporary death, only time will tell. But Darksied just ended some of the most powerful people in DC within a few panels. Now this will lead to the Summer Event titled Infinite Frontier #1 and it’s going to be written by Joshua Williamson, who technically played the role of Robin while Scott Snyder wrote Death Metal. Now he’s been given the power to shape the future of DC, fingers crossed it’s a future we will all love. 

  • So what next?

  • We wait and see as the events unfold itself

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