Funny and Wild, Dark and Grounded

Funny and Wild, Dark and Grounded

 Funny and wild, Dark and grounded 

        Now in this article, I want you to keep an open mind as we touch both options and at the end drop a comment on what you think. Please note that we would be using the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC extended universe as our case study even though the benchmark of dark and grounded DC Comics movies is the famed Dark Knight trilogy, but we wouldn't be using it at all in this article.The DC extended Universe has enough dark content already, don't they?? 

         Let's start with funny and wild, shall we? What comes to mind is the MCU which  starts with RDJ's Tony Stark which basically sets the tone for the MCU, we see a character that is witty, a smart-arse, funny, adventurous and full of himself. Along the line, lots of other characters like Thor, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange turned out to have some or even all of these traits and so did their movies. 

         The MCU has had good success following this strategy, even though they want to experiment more with the next Doctor Strange movie coming out by confirming it to be horror based. It is important to note though that Marvel did have a very good balance in their movies. It wasn't all fun and rosy, especially with the murder of Tony's parents, the civil war between the Avengers due to the Sovokia accords, and majorly the death of Tony himself. 


   Now to dark and grounded, what comes to mind of course is DC; I will first start with the Man of Steel movie which of course was the pioneer for the DCU. Man of Steel wasn't necessarily dark but it was very grounded. The Superman character was made such that if Superman should actually exist in our world Zack Snyder's turn of events is what most likely would happen. He would be shunned, feared and revered unlike the comics where the alien is made a beacon of hope and accepted by the whole world immediately as their world's greatest hero. The groundedness also backs up Batman's initial and dark attitude towards Superman in BvS: Dawn of Justice, wanting to murder the man of steel.


  It is important to note that when that when it came to the comedy  aspects most of the initial comedic one liners were just out there (you give just a smile and move on)  though we later got Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman which were good and really funny, and hopefully in the Flash movie we will see something much more balanced. 

       So there it is guys, our short analysis of the two comic book movie universes, comment below which you think is better or suitable for you, or which of them do you think was more balanced!

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