Coronavirus vs eSport

The global state of emergency caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus) has led to a lot of restrictions and limitations. This has not only affected individual lives, but also global communities from trading to world wide sports.

The significant change in conditions requiring social distancing has caused a pause in a variety of fields with international sports unavoidably being one of those fields. Notwithstanding this restrictions, the field of eSports is still much active. This excludes involvement of gaming companies that have put live competitions on hold such as EA.

One of the major reasons eSports is booming currently is because you can participate interactively from home. With majority of the world's population on self-quarantined lockdown, having a way to competitively interact with people is still appealing. The only requirements are gaming gadgets that supports internet connection, games and an internet connection.

Still currently under threat of the coronavirus pandemic, gaming is a produvtive way to stay active. Online gaming allows you relate and keep in touch with other individuals all from your comfort zone. Gaming keeps your mind active while improving your concentration. Get something fun to do, and don't forget to sanitize. Stay safe!

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