CODM with Real Gaming Icons

The online battleground of Call of Duty Mobile has been growing with more and more skilled soldiers. The weekly competition held by Real Gaming Icons has proven to be a good way to enjoy the new isolation policy from the comfort of your home. With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, it is only understandable why some of the best gamers take this opportunity.


Starting 9:00PM or 9:30PM, the free registration fee has made the competition accessible to everyone. This provides every gamer with a chance of winning Five Thousand Naira from the comfort of their individual homes. 


The competition allows gamers play in teams within the tournament held in MULTIPLE ELIMINATION format. This provides a platform for Team Death Matches, Random Map, allowing the first three scorestreak(UAV, MISSILE, HKD) and allowing all gamers to participate with RPG (if one is in possession of an RPG).


Allowing all perks within the competition of six rounds per game, the finals will be all the time, having the best soldier identified based on number of kills. The tournament also has a leaderboard where participants are ranked in order flaunt individual battle prowess.


With the lockdown order all over the world still very much in place,  it is only logical one makes earnings from home. Not only is this fun, but it is also a big challenge as some of the best gamers participate weekly. Do you have what it it takes to become the top among elite soldiers? Check out how good you are by signing up on the Real Gaming Icons platform here:

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