Best Binge Choice(Anime): One Piece

Best Binge Choice(Anime): One Piece

Being at home almost every second of the day gives you a lot of free time. While looking for positive ways to pass your time, work from home is definitely encouraged. When not working, recreation is very essential and for anime fans, you have a lot of options at your disposal.
For shounen fans, One Piece would give you a lot of action packed content and also a lot (A REAL LOT) of screen time. One of the major perks of this extra long anime is you get to see the characters grow as if you have a personal relationship with them.
Also, you get submerged in emotion as some character arcs move across really touching lines. This let's you connect with different characters as you do not necessarily have to relate to their pain, but you get to empathize with them. This is probably one of the many reasons One Piece followers grow attached to the anime series.
Furthermore, One Piece not only brings a lot of emotion, but a lot of it conveys good energy. Filled with witty remarks and hilarious scenes, you not only get to feel the tension, but you also get to smile often.
With One Piece still on-going, there's still going to be a lot of content to experience on this shounen show. One Piece delivers literature at its peak, and also visual arts beyond the sky. I strongly believe this would not be my last article based on this anime series.

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