Batman: Fear State

Batman: Fear State


The adventure continues in the latest issue of Batman #113. I really hand to Tynion, he knows his shit. So let's breakdown the issue my fellow comic comrades. Firstly, Bruce pays a visit to Commissioner Montoya to tell her Simon is the mastermind behind the whole thing. That he was the one who planted the bomb that destroyed city hall and place the blame on the unsanity collective making them look like terrorist, which gave Mayor Nakano enough reason to give Simon autonomous power to enact The Magistrate

Batman is then attacked by Simon's Peacekeepers and he easily destroys them while telling Simon he'll stop Simon, even if it kills him. Let's take a pause.

Recall in February, Future State was released and in Batman's Future State we were taken into a future Gotham ruled The Magistrate who has declared masked vigilante as a crime, even attempting to kill Bruce and taking all his wealth. This bold proclamation from Batman shows us, well maybe Future State is another timeline. But isn't to soon to conclude that Batman would beat Simon and Scarecrow? Two reasons

Firstly in Infinite Frontier released in April, The Spectre explained to Diana that Future State was just a possible future and not an actual Future for the DC Universe. Second reason, in case you didn't know DC solicitations for January has been released and it was announced Joshua Williamson would be the new Batman writer and #118 would be a totally new arc after Fear State and a new character was even revelaed called Abyss. So which gives us enough reason to believe that Future State is just another alternate timeline. But this isn't applicable to every Future State as Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest are still following the events that lead up to Future State. I may be wrong, it's just my theory. Only time will tell.

Batman seeks Ghostmaker help in entering his mind as Bruce believes Scarecrow might have put some fail safe in his mind to stop him using what Ghostmaker called a Bat-mind control helmet. They both enter into Bruce's mind where they enter a memory Scarecrow implanted into his head, thus confirming Bruce's suspicions. After dealing with the threat, Ghostmaker decides to show Bruce a memory from his past, where he met a much younger Dr Crane who was a graduate student at Gotham University. They had an interesting conversation about Crane's theory of Fear State. As Crane explained it, there has to be a shock to the system which is an introduction to abstract fear on a wide level. The citizens of Gotham already experienced this during The Joker War and events that followed, making them perfect lab rats for Scarecrow's experiment. Crane believes as humans fear is important for our survival and evolution. If you can't confront your fear, you can't grow, you'll remain stagnant. But if you conquer your fear, you become a better person than you were before. It's like a baby, before they walk, they have a fear of walking. Until they conquer that fear of walking, they won't walk and will remain stagnant in that stage of life. Scarecrow has a point, although his methods are unorthodox he wants the citizens of Gotham to face and conquer their fear. I love this book!!!

 We still have more books coming out next week that will tell us what happens next. See you then my comrades

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