A thread of winter Season Anime That You Must Be Watching!!! (part 1)

A thread of winter Season Anime That You Must Be Watching!!! (part 1)

Attack on Titans

Attack on titan has to be the biggest anime this season. 4 years after reiner and berdohlt's "big announcement", "the demons of paradis" invade marley and the development so far has been explosive (and i mean that LITERALLY).

The characters, the story, literally everything... isayama really outdid himself on this one man and if you aren't seeing this i have only one thing for you. Fix up. watch AOT!


In my opinion, the only problem with this anime is that it is airing at the same time with AOT. I remember how much hype Oregairu got during it's season and horimiya deserves all that and more, it really is the perfect romcom anime.

Nothing like any other romance we've seen, it's refreshing, easy to relate with (when hori-san said "i don't know any of the latest songs, only the ones from anime" i felt that in my chest). Miyamura first strikes us as the nerdy kid, a boring main character, no vibe BUT we find out he's this bad boy with 9 piercings and tattoos and not to mention... he's kinda hot💀💀.

Ahem... watch Miyamura... i mean horimiya lol (ಡωಡ) . 


Beastars! A love story between an akward wolf and a chibi rabbit(because it is completely normal to fall in love with the girl you almost had for dinner). Yes legosi is akward asf but we see he's really a good kid, currently trying to invesigate a murder of his classmate. In a world were carnivores and herbivores coexist... there are bound to be a few murders. Legosi trains his mind and body in order to protect Haru and be with her as wolf and rabbit. 

Jobless reincarnation

Another really wholesome and underrated anime, currently my best isekai of all isekais. it's like a breath of fresh air from the dying and reincarnating in the normal cliche way. Our MC was a dead beat 40 year old man who spends his days jacking off to hentai, he dies in an accident and is reincarnated in another world as a normal baby, he grows up and has a normal childhood (depends on how normal an otherworldly childhood filled with magic can get). 


when i tell you there's anime for everything in this sekai, believe me.

yooooo we actually got a skating anime and it's actually called "skate the infinity" with an 8!!!

i started watching the anime because of all the fine men and beautiful visuals plus i was kinda hoping itll be like haikyuu and I'd learn how to skate. i have 999 reasons for you to watch sk8 but my sugar daddy is 1