A New Dawn for DC Comics?

With speculation growing on the DC comics' temporary moment of silence, fans have been left to wonder why. This is only natural as loyal DC fans enjoy getting more and more content to compete with the high calibre of content from rival companies. This has driven a lot of fans to go searching for answers, and the prospect seems more of gold than cold.

With the Free Comic Book Day coming soon, DC comics remains optimistic on the global pandemic of the coronavirus and has been preparing some surprises for fans. This definitely includes comics, as DC prepares two free comic books for readers of all ages.

The DC Middle Grade Graphic Novels flipbook gives a preliminary look into some comics featuring The Dark Knight and a variety of new characters too. This includes the "Flash Forward: Epilogue" which shows Wally West take on a daring parental role. In order to save his children, Wally makes a very big sacrifice that not only sees him try to fulfil an extreme parental role (for his children's sake) but also to save the multiverse.

DC comics has undoubtedly been a fan favourite for decades. Bringing to their followers a large roaster of personalities to view life from, they have grown a huge fanbase. Notwithstanding tough competotion from other top brands, DC Comics still remains one of the favourites at the top of the pecking order.

With consideration of the current state of the world, it also would be advised to avoid social gatherings and enjoy comics from a digital device. The DC Comics official app is available on various application stores, and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.

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